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All sessions will be streamed live during the event, and will be available after the event on the Chrome Developers YouTube channel.

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Dec 9

Day 1
Ben and Dion

Chrome and the Web in 2020

It's the keynote! We will take you through some of the latest announcements and helpful updates to the platform, and talk about tools that help you build high-quality web experiences even more effectively.

Aanchal Bahadur Bem Jones-Bey

Partner spotlight: experience Adobe Spark on Chromebooks

How Adobe Spark used web superpowers to create a full-featured desktop PWA that is focused on performance, engagement, and discovery.


Elizabeth Sweeny Paul Irish looking cheeky

State of speed tooling

The newest user-centric metrics in our tools, and how to leverage Google and Chrome's newest features and products to build and maintain an exceptionally fast experience for all of your users.

Katie Hempenius

Fixing common Web Vitals issues

How to fix many of the issues that sites frequently encounter when trying to optimize their Web Vitals.

Garima Mimani

UX patterns optimized for Core Web Vitals

Dive into some UX patterns that are optimized to deliver a good user experience without adversely affecting Core Web Vitals.

Annie Sullivan Michal Mocny screaming into the camera

Exploring the future of Core Web Vitals

The key improvements we’re working on, and ways to share your feedback


John Mueller

Core Web Vitals and SEO

How to use Search Console to improve your site's vitals.

Jake Archibald hiding behind a plant

Beyond fast

A whirlwind tour of new features and proposals that make it easier to hit Core Web Vitals thresholds.


Camille Lamy lookin' cool in shades

Enable and debug crossOriginIsolated

How to opt into privileged features in a secure way.

Maud Nalpas dressed for winter

Introducing the Privacy Budget

Learn why Chrome is introducing a privacy budget, with a sneak peek at how the team is laying the groundwork for the future.

Charlie Harrison

A more private way to measure ad conversions

An API to recover a core ads use case without the need for third-party cookies: conversion measurement

Sam Dutton

Sign-up form best practices

Help your users sign up, sign in, and manage their account details with a minimum of fuss.

Eiji Kitamura

SMS OTP form best practices

How to streamline the experience of SMS OTP forms.

Day 1 complete!

Dec 10

Day 2
Mariko Kosaka

Updating the way we work

The year 2020 changed the way we work and how we look at the current status quo.

Jecelyn Yeen with a cuddly toy orangutan on her head

What’s new in DevTools?

This session gives an overview of the latest and greatest features in Chrome DevTools.

Una Kravets

Extending CSS with Houdini

CSS Houdini gives you many new powerful tools to work with that you can use today.

Ingvar Stepanyan

Debugging WebAssembly with modern tools

Debugging WebAssembly has gotten a lot better in the last year and allow you to develop quicker when using WebAssembly.


Houssein Djirdeh Jason Miller

Transitioning to modern JavaScript

Over 90% of web traffic comes from browsers that support modern JavaScript, yet most websites ship legacy syntax in order to support a small number of very old browsers.

PJ Mclachlan

Next-level web apps on desktop

This session is a whirlwind tour of the exciting new capabilities that have been added to help developers build fully featured apps on the web.

Asami Doi

New logic to detect PWA offline support

Chrome is researching to ship some new logic to detect if a PWA really works while offline before offering an install button.

Adriana Jara Andre Bandarra

What’s new for web apps in Play

A lightning tour of new features for web apps in Google’s Play Store.


Jeff Posnick

Extending Workbox: custom strategies and plugins

Did you know you can customize Workbox with your own caching strategies?

Connecting hardware devices to the web

The web platform is opening up incredible opportunities by letting web developers communicate with hardware devices.


Martin Splitt appears to have a toy squid on his head

Structured data for developers

This session looks at structured data and how you can use it to make your website eligible for rich results in Google Search.

Terry Ednacot

Making the web more visual with Web Stories

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular "Stories" format that blend video, audio, images, animation, and text to create a dynamic consumption experience.

Paul Kinlan Alex Russell

The Web Ahead

Why do we care about pushing the web forward? What direction is "forward"?

It's over 😢


There’s more to the event than the main schedule! Find it all here.


We’ll be running limited capacity workshops with leading experts from the community. These workshops will take place over two days (in two parts) before the event dates, on 7 & 8 December, 2020. Invite requests for workshops are now closed. We hope you can still join us for the livestream on Dec 9-10, 2020.

Dec 7

CSS Layout Masterclass - Part 1
Web Performance - Beginning CWV, UX Focused
JS+A11y Workshop - Part 1
Progressive Web Apps Workshop - Part 1

Dec 8

CSS Layout Masterclass - Part 2
Web Performance - Coding
JS+A11y Workshop - Part 2
Progressive Web Apps Workshop - Part 2

Office Hours

Over the two days, we’ll have Google engineers, product managers and developer advocates from various areas of expertise available for private office hours with developers.

Invite requests for office hours are now closed. We hope you can still join us for the livestream on Dec 9-10, 2020.


Got a question? Ask it live.

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