About this Codelab

The goal of this codelab is to get you building Chrome Apps fast. We've done our best to capture some of the trickier parts to the development process keeping the samples simple and straightforward. Once you've completed this codelab, you will have a simple Todo app.

All sample code can be downloaded from the chrome-app-codelab repository. Each lab builds upon the previous lab's sample code. To see how the Todo app changes as you work through the lab, upload the code from the extensions management page and launch the app (see Create Your First App tutorial).

Note: After the first launch, ChromeOS and Windows users can see their apps in the Chrome app launcher. Other platforms can see installed apps on a new Chrome tab or by navigating to chrome://extensions.

Choose your framework

You can choose to write your sample Todo app using a preferred MVC framework. Starting in 3 - Create MVC, we've provided sample code in pure JavaScript and using AngularJS. We've also included code snippets for both versions throughout the codelab docs. As you continue through the codelab, make sure your sample code builds from the same version.

Want to add a framework?
You can always create your own Todo app in a different preferred framework. And we would be very happy to include it in the sample code repository.

Codelab structure