Description: Use the chrome.documentScan API to discover and retrieve images from attached paper document scanners.
Availability: Since Chrome 44.
Permissions: "documentScan"

Important: This API works only on Chrome OS.

Document Scan API

The Document Scan API is designed to allow apps and extensions to view the content of paper documents on an attached document scanner.

Note: This API depends on OS features that may not be available depending on the underlying operating system. As of this writing only Chrome OS for certain USB-attached devices is known to successfully work.


scan chrome.documentScan.scan(object options, function callback)



chrome.documentScan.scan(object options, function callback)

Performs a document scan. On success, the PNG data will be sent to the callback.

object options

Object containing scan parameters.

array of string (optional) mimeTypes

The MIME types that are accepted by the caller.

integer (optional) maxImages

The number of scanned images allowed (defaults to 1).

function callback

Called with the result and data from the scan.

The callback parameter should be a function that looks like this:

function(object result) {...};
object result
array of string dataUrls

The data image URLs in a form that can be passed as the "src" value to an image tag.

string mimeType

The MIME type of dataUrls.