Sebastian Benz

Sebastian Benz

Sebastian is a Developer Relations Engineer

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What’s new for web on Android 2023

Updates to tools that bring the web to Android. Privacy enhancements and better support for large screens in WebView, partial custom tabs in Custom Tabs, easier installation and integrated features for PWA, Play Store billing management for TWA and more.

Measuring user engagement

How to measure user engagement in Custom Tabs.

Getting started

How to launch a Custom Tab from your Android app.

Adding custom interactivity

How to add custom actions to a Custom Tabs.

Multi-tasking with Partial Custom Tabs

Learn how to you use partial Custom Tabs to let your users interact with your app while viewing web content.

Customizing the UI

How to make a Custom Tab match the look and feel of your app.

Warm-up and pre-fetch: using the Custom Tabs Service

Learn how to make sure that your Custom Tabs start as quickly as possible.

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