Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Technical Writer, Google Chrome

Test back/forward cache

Ensure your pages are optimized for back/forward caching.

Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Changes: Track your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript changes

Track changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Apply other effects: enable automatic dark theme, emulate focus, and more

Highlight ad frames, emulate focus on a page, disable local fonts and image formats, enable an automatic dark theme, and emulate vision deficiencies.

Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Emulate CSS media features

Emulate prefers-color-scheme, media type, forced-colors, prefers-contrast, prefers-reduced-motion, color-gamut.

Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Rendering tab overview

Discover a collection of options that affect web content rendering.

Sofia Emelianova

Sofia Emelianova

Discover issues with rendering performance

Spot repainting, layout shifts, layers and tiles, scrolling issues, see rendering statistics and Core Web Vitals.

Recorder: Record, replay and measure user flows

Record, replay and measure user flows with the Recorder panel.

Debug background services

How to debug Background Fetch, Background Sync, Notifications, Push Messages, and view reports with Chrome DevTools.

Kayce Basques Sofia Emelianova

Kayce Basques, Sofia Emelianova

Watch JavaScript values in real-time with Live Expressions

If you find yourself typing the same JavaScript expressions into the Console repeatedly, try Live Expressions instead.

Accessibility features reference

A comprehensive reference of accessibility features in Chrome DevTools.

CSS features reference

Discover new workflows for viewing and changing CSS in Chrome DevTools.

Performance features reference

A reference on all the ways to record and analyze performance in Chrome DevTools.

Network features reference

A comprehensive reference of Chrome DevTools Network panel features.

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