An Update On Chrome’s Web Framework Funding for 2022

Addy Osmani
Addy Osmani

Open source software plays an integral part of how developers build for the web. Over the last few years, the Chrome Web Frameworks and Tools Performance fund has tried to help support this effort through the sponsorship of popular JavaScript frameworks and developer tools. This is in addition to our engineering collaborations on projects like React, Next.js and Angular through Project Aurora.

Today we are happy to share that we will be distributing another $500K through Open Collective to projects focused on improving the performance, user-experience and developer-experience building for the web over the next year. These projects include:

  • Nuxt.js - the opinionated web framework for building Vue.js apps
  • Vue.js & Vite - the progressive JS framework and modern front-end tooling stack
  • Astro -the all-in-one web framework for building fast, content-focused websites.
  • Svelte - a compiler converting declarative components into efficient JavaScript
  • Preact - the "thinnest possible" Virtual DOM abstraction on top of the DOM
  • ESLint - the canonical static code analysis tool for finding & fixing problems in JS
  • Rollup - module bundler which compiles small pieces of code into libraries/apps
  • Sharp - the high-performance image processing module for Node.js

Sponsoring these projects not only help support their mission to enable developers to build great experiences on the web, but also enable them to financially support their contributors. We believe this is important for both the health of open source and the web.

Chrome's sponsorship allows us to allocate a full time dev with heavy focus on improving the performance of both Vue and Vite, benefiting both Vue users and users of meta frameworks built on top of Vite.

Evan You, Vue.js and Vite

The sponsoring by Chrome helps us dedicate more time and resources on Nuxt performance. It also open the door for collaboration between Web framework teams toward unified solutions, whatever if the developer is using Vue, React, Svelte or Angular.

Sebastien Chopin, Nuxt.js

This sponsorship allows us to invest back into our community and recognize the awesome people who make up the larger Astro ecosystem. Thank you Google for supporting Astro on our quest to improve web performance with better developer tools!

Fred K Schott, Astro

As always, we remain open to considering sponsoring more efforts towards the fund's goals in the future. If you are interested in submitting ideas for future funding, feel free to send over your ideas via our submission form and we'll consider them.

As a reminder, we recently also expanded Chrome's sponsorship efforts to include a new CSS & UI Fund and an Advanced Web Apps fund If you are interested in submitting sponsorship requests to these efforts, they are still open to reviewing entries.

Thanks once again to the projects receiving sponsorship for everything they do to move the web forward!