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Project Fugu API showcase

The Project Fugu API Showcase is a collection of apps that make use of APIs that were conceived in the context of Project Fugu.

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The Capabilities Project (code name Project Fugu) is a cross-company effort with the objective of making it possible for web apps to do anything platform-specific apps can. We enable amazing web applications like Photoshop by exposing the capabilities of the underlying operating system platforms to the web platform, while maintaining user security, privacy, trust, and other core tenets of the web.

But what are examples of some of the apps that make use of these capabilities? The Project Fugu API Showcase embedded below is sourced by community submissions and contains a filterable list of apps that make use of one or more APIs that were developed in the context of the project.


You can propose missing apps to the showcase by submitting them via an anonymous form. Submissions are reviewed on a regular basis and the showcase will be updated accordingly.

You can launch each app by clicking the app's name, the app's preview image, or the Launch app link. For many apps, you can also see the source code by clicking Source code. On supporting browsers, you can share any of the listed apps via the Share app feature. As a special inception Easter egg, the Project Fugu API Showcase is of course contained in the Project Fugu API Showcase. Happy browsing!


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