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Registration and Breakfast


If you missed registration on Day 1, you can still get your badge and goodies. You must have a government-issued photo ID to receive a badge and check in to the event. Breakfast will also be served.

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  1. Google Developers Certification Lounge

  2. The Web for the entire world

    Tal Oppenheimer

  3. Modern tooling, testing and automation

    Eric Bidelman and Paul Irish

  4. Break

  5. The future of loading on the web

    Sam Saccone

  6. V8 today and in the future

    Thomas Nattestad

  7. Real World WebAssembly

    Alex Danilo and Deepti Gandluri

  8. Lunch

  9. End-to-end Polymer apps with the modern web platform

    Taylor Savage

  10. Lit HTML

    Justin Fagnani

  11. Frameworks panel

    Addy Osmani and Others

  12. Break

  13. Creating Media without an app

    Mat Scales, Jennifer Lin, Peter Shin

  14. The future of immersive experiences on the web with VR and AR

    Josh Carpenter and Brandon Jones