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Chrome Dev Summit has always been about connecting directly with the web community with a common goal to pioneer web experiences that no one thought were possible in a browser. Looking back, it's incredible to see the progress we've made together.

So this year, instead of hosting CDS, we'll be meeting you where you are. The Chrome team will be at your favorite conferences and events - in your region, and on online forums across time zones to join you in your journey to build a better web.

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Highlights from past summits

Are you canceling Chrome Dev Summits in the future?

This year, we've decided that the best way to connect with the community is to meet developers where they are. Each year, we plan events based on the state of the ecosystem to ensure we are meeting developers' needs in the best way possible...

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Chrome Dev Summit was always a free event. Why do we have to pay for expensive conferences to meet the Chrome team?

This year we're coming to you through conferences and events that you're planning to be at! You'll also be able to connect with the team in free online forums, such as AMAs or Twitter Spaces...

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