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Every session is available through Livestream during the event, and available after the event on the Chrome Developers YouTube channel.

Schedule timezone

Nov 11

Day 1

Registration & breakfast

Main stage open



Celebrating every aspect of the web's diversity - the technologies, the tools and the people, and talk about how we're working together to elevate the web…

Emily Stark Michael Kleber

Protecting users on a thriving web

New things Chrome is doing to create a secure environment for personalization that also protects user privacy and fights fingerprinting…

  • Privacy
  • Security
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Break & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Eiji Kitamura

What's new in sign-up and sign-in

In this talk we'll describe an effective way for users to sign up to your website, and sign back in more easily and safely using second factor leveraging SMS or biometric information…

  • Credentials
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Elizabeth Sweeny Paul Irish

Speed tooling evolutions: 2019 and beyond

Covering the newest user-centric metrics in our tools, and how to leverage Google and Chrome's newest features and products to build and maintain an exceptionally fast experience for all of your users…

  • Performance
  • Tooling
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Lunch & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Addy Osmani Nate Schloss

Adaptive Loading - Improving the user-experience for millions on low-end devices

Today, developers often build components and routes for a single baseline. However, the environment conditions users are in are often much more nuanced…

  • Performance
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The main thread is overworked & underpaid

On the web, the main thread has a lot of responsibilities, and we keep adding more. At the same time, the median phone is getting slower and device's screens refresh more frequently, leaving less time for our code to run. The answer is architecture…

  • Performance
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Break & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Adam Argyle Una Kravets

Next generation web styling

With new CSS features landing in browsers, and Houdini on the horizon, web styling has become so much more powerful than ever…

  • CSS
  • Design
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PJ Mclachlan Sam Thorogood Mukund Laddha

PWA and the installable web

This talk is for designers of enterprise & consumer web apps who want to understand the options for installed web experiences from browsers and the Play Store…

Sam Richard

Bridging the native app gap

The web today is an incredibly powerful platform, but there's still a gap between what web apps can do and the capabilities of native apps. web needs access to more powerful APIs…

  • Features
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Social hour

Day 1 complete!

Nov 12

Day 2

Registration & breakfast

Main stage open


Chris Wilson Yoav Weiss

Intent to explain: demystifying the Blink shipping process

How do those features come to be? Who decides which features should be worked on? What's the decision process that leads to shipping them? And how do web standards and other browser engines fit into all of this…

  • Process
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Nicole Sullivan Greg Whitworth

HTML isn't done!

The web platform is now ready to pave those cow paths and extend HTML. And we need your help with these brand new shiny components…

  • Features
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Shubhie Panicker Houssein Djirdeh

Advancing the web framework ecosystem

This talk covers the team's work with Next.js on build and runtime optimizations, what's next in the pipeline, and our plans for other parts of the ecosystem…

  • Frameworks
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Break & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Kenji Baheux Yusuke Utsunomiya

In which we make loading disappear with <portal> and friends

How to take advantage of fresh from the oven APIs as well as “classics” to create instant and seamless experiences, even when the network connection isn't cooperating…

  • Features
  • Performance
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Thomas Nattestad Ingvar Stepanyan

Oh the things you'll compile - modern WebAssembly

How you can use WebAssembly in new ways, learn from real-world sites that are shipping WebAssembly, and see some of the exciting upcoming features…

  • Features
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Lunch & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Q&A with the Chrome leads

The leads of the Chrome team answer your questions…

Dev Gogate

Web as a building block for user experience

Learn how the web provides the connection for emerging technologies and how to leverage the many superpowers of the web to build engaging experiences for your users that span surfaces and input modalities…

  • Devices
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Break & livestream exclusive lightning talks

Simeon Vincent

Chrome extensions and the world of tomorrow

Chrome's extensions platform is undergoing a sea change. Nearly 6 years after the current manifest version was introduced, we are revving it again…

  • Extensions
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Martin Splitt

How to make your content shine on Google Search

In this session, we'll peek under the hood of Googlebot and talk about the implementation best practices, patterns, and available tools and debugging…

It's over 😢


There’s a ton happening off the main stage, find it all here.

Lightning talks

The schedule has breaks for lunch, snacks, and drinks. But if you're watching the livestream, it might not be lunch/snack/drinktime wherever you are.

To cater for this, we're going to fill the breaks with livestream-exclusive lightning talks – compact presentations about various parts of the web platform.

If you're planning to attend in person, you're not missing out. All lightning talks will be available later on the Chrome Developers YouTube channel.


Have you ever wanted to ask the Chrome team a question? Maybe you want more detail about a topic, or you are wondering how to use a particular feature?

Tweet us your best #AskChrome questions in the lead-up to the Chrome Dev Summit, then tune into the livestream where the Chrome team will answer questions live - on the air!


The sandbox is a dedicated space to explore, learn, and play with our latest products and platforms via interactive demos, physical installations, and more.


Folks at the venue will be able to take part in guided tutorials that involve a practical application of web platform features.

Office hours

Office hours are your chance to meet one-on-one with Chrome experts to ask all your technical questions.

Review Clinic

Get a quick review of your website or web app and get instant feedback from members of the Chrome and friends teams.

Day 1

11am - 2:30pm PWA/Capabilities and UX

2:30pm - 6pm Speed and Security/Privacy

Day 2

9am - 1:30pm PWA/Capabilities and UX

1:30pm - 5pm Speed and Security/Privacy

Social hour

If you're attending, you're also invited to the social hour. This is a great opportunity to meet folks and chat about the web.


Can’t attend? No worries.

The whole event will stream from YouTube and also be available to watch after the event ends 👍