NaCl Dev Environment

Deprecation of the technologies described here has been announced for platforms other than ChromeOS. Please visit our migration guide for details.

Feature Status

Here is a summary of feature status. We hope to overcome these limitations in the near future:

  • NaCl Development Environment

    • General

      • Supported:

        • Bash (built-in)
        • Python (built-in)
        • Git (built-in)
        • Make (built-in)
        • Vim (built-in)
        • Nano (built-in)
        • Curl (built-in) + geturl for web
        • GCC w/ GLibC (x86-32 and x86-64 only)
        • Lua (install with: package -i lua && . setup-environment)
        • Ruby (install with: package -i ruby && . setup-environment)
        • Nethack! (install with: package -i nethack && . setup-environment)
      • Unsupported:

        • Targeting Newlib
        • Targeting PNaCl (getting close...)
        • Forking in bash
        • Pipes / Redirection
        • Symbolic and hard links
    • Missing / broken on ARM:

      • GCC (unsupported)
  • Debugger

    • Open issue causing it to suck CPU cycles (even when not in use).

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