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Public Member Functions

 FileSystem ()
 FileSystem (const FileSystem &other)
 FileSystem (const Resource &resource)
 FileSystem (PassRef, PP_Resource resource)
 FileSystem (const InstanceHandle &instance, PP_FileSystemType type)
int32_t Open (int64_t expected_size, const CompletionCallback &cc)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsFileSystem (const Resource &resource)

Detailed Description

The FileSystem class identifies the file system type associated with a file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs an is_null() filesystem resource.

If you use this constructor, you will have to assign it to a "real" FileSystem object before you can use it.

The copy constructor for FileSystem.

[in]otherA reference to a FileSystem.
pp::FileSystem::FileSystem(const Resourceresource)[explicit]

Constructs a FileSystem from a Resource.

[in]resourceA Resource containing a file system.
pp::FileSystem::FileSystem(PassRef ,
PP_Resource resource 

A constructor used when you have received a PP_Resource as a return value that has already been reference counted.

[in]resourceA PP_Resource corresponding to a PPB_FileSystem.
pp::FileSystem::FileSystem(const InstanceHandleinstance,
PP_FileSystemType type 

This constructor creates a file system object of the given type.

[in]instanceThe instance with which this resource will be associated.
[in]typeA file system type as defined by PP_FileSystemType enum.

Member Function Documentation

static bool pp::FileSystem::IsFileSystem(const Resourceresource)[static]

Checks whether a Resource is a file system, to test whether it is appropriate for use with the FileSystem constructor.

[in]resourceA Resource to test.
True if resource is a file system.
int32_t pp::FileSystem::Open(int64_t expected_size,
const CompletionCallbackcc 

Open() opens the file system.

A file system must be opened before running any other operation on it.

[in]expected_sizeThe expected size of the file system. Note that this does not request quota; to do that, you must either invoke requestQuota from JavaScript: or set the unlimitedStorage permission for Chrome Web Store apps:
[in]ccA PP_CompletionCallback to be called upon completion of Open().
An int32_t containing an error code from pp_errors.h.

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