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 IMEInputEvent ()
 IMEInputEvent (const InputEvent &event)
 IMEInputEvent (const InstanceHandle &instance, PP_InputEvent_Type type, PP_TimeTicks time_stamp, const Var &text, const std::vector< uint32_t > &segment_offsets, int32_t target_segment, const std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > &selection)
Var GetText () const
uint32_t GetSegmentNumber () const
uint32_t GetSegmentOffset (uint32_t index) const
int32_t GetTargetSegment () const
void GetSelection (uint32_t *start, uint32_t *end) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs an is_null() IME input event object.

Constructs an IME input event object from the provided generic input event.

If the given event is itself is_null() or is not an IME input event, the object will be is_null().

[in]eventA generic input event.
pp::IMEInputEvent::IMEInputEvent(const InstanceHandleinstance,
PP_InputEvent_Type type,
PP_TimeTicks time_stamp,
const Vartext,
const std::vector< uint32_t > & segment_offsets,
int32_t target_segment,
const std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > & selection 

This constructor manually constructs an IME event from the provided parameters.

[in]instanceThe instance for which this event occurred.
[in]typeA PP_InputEvent_Type identifying the type of input event. The type must be one of the ime event types.
[in]time_stampA PP_TimeTicks indicating the time when the event occurred.
[in]textThe string returned by GetText.
[in]segment_offsetsThe array of numbers returned by GetSegmentOffset.
[in]target_segmentThe number returned by GetTargetSegment.
[in]selectionThe range returned by GetSelection.

Member Function Documentation

Returns the number of segments in the composition text.

The number of segments. For events other than COMPOSITION_UPDATE, returns 0.
uint32_t pp::IMEInputEvent::GetSegmentOffset(uint32_t index)const

Returns the position of the index-th segmentation point in the composition text.

The position is given by a byte-offset (not a character-offset) of the string returned by GetText(). It always satisfies 0=GetSegmentOffset(0) < ... < GetSegmentOffset(i) < GetSegmentOffset(i+1) < ... < GetSegmentOffset(GetSegmentNumber())=(byte-length of GetText()). Note that [GetSegmentOffset(i), GetSegmentOffset(i+1)) represents the range of the i-th segment, and hence GetSegmentNumber() can be a valid argument to this function instead of an off-by-1 error.

[in]ime_eventA PP_Resource corresponding to an IME event.
[in]indexAn integer indicating a segment.
The byte-offset of the segmentation point. If the event is not COMPOSITION_UPDATE or index is out of range, returns 0.
void pp::IMEInputEvent::GetSelection(uint32_t * start,
uint32_t * end 

Obtains the range selected by caret in the composition text.

[out]startAn integer indicating a start offset of selection range.
[out]endAn integer indicating an end offset of selection range.

Returns the index of the current target segment of composition.

An integer indicating the index of the target segment. When there is no active target segment, or the event is not COMPOSITION_UPDATE, returns -1.

Returns the composition text as a UTF-8 string for the given IME event.

A string var representing the composition text. For non-IME input events the return value will be an undefined var.

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