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static bool IsAvailable ()
static int32_t GetProxyForURL (const InstanceHandle &instance, const Var &url, const pp::CompletionCallbackWithOutput< Var > &callback)

Detailed Description

This class provides a way to determine the appropriate proxy settings for for a given URL.

Permissions: Apps permission socket with subrule resolve-proxy is required for using this API. For more details about network communication permissions, please see: /apps/app_network.html

Member Function Documentation

static int32_t pp::NetworkProxy::GetProxyForURL(const InstanceHandleinstance,
const Varurl,
const pp::CompletionCallbackWithOutput< Var > & callback 

Retrieves the proxy that will be used for the given URL.

The result will be a string in PAC format. For more details about PAC format, please see

[in]instanceAn InstanceHandle identifying one instance of a module.
[in]urlA string Var containing a URL.
[in]callbackA CompletionCallbackWithOutput to be called upon completion. It will be passed a string Var containing the appropriate PAC string for url.
An int32_t containing an error code from pp_errors.h.
static bool pp::NetworkProxy::IsAvailable()[static]

Returns true if the browser supports this API, false otherwise.

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