Include dependency graph for pp_var.h:

Data Structures

union  PP_VarValue
 The PP_VarValue union stores the data for any one of the types listed in the PP_VarType enum. More...
struct  PP_Var
 The PP_VAR struct is a variant data type and can contain any value of one of the types named in the PP_VarType enum. More...



struct PP_Var PP_MakeUndefined (void)
struct PP_Var PP_MakeNull (void)
struct PP_Var PP_MakeBool (PP_Bool value)
struct PP_Var PP_MakeInt32 (int32_t value)
struct PP_Var PP_MakeDouble (double value)


Detailed Description

This file defines the API for handling the passing of data types between your module and the page.

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