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Public Member Functions

 Resource ()
 Resource (const Resource &other)
virtual ~Resource ()
Resourceoperator= (const Resource &other)
bool is_null () const
PP_Resource pp_resource () const
PP_Resource detach ()

Protected Member Functions

 Resource (PP_Resource resource)
 Resource (PassRef, PP_Resource resource)
void PassRefFromConstructor (PP_Resource resource)
void Clear ()


class Var

Detailed Description

A reference counted module resource.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The default constructor.

A constructor for copying a resource.

[in]otherA Resource.
virtual pp::Resource::~Resource()[virtual]


pp::Resource::Resource(PP_Resource resource)[explicit, protected]

A constructor used when a PP_Resource is provided as a return value whose reference count we need to increment.

[in]resourceA PP_Resource corresponding to a resource.
pp::Resource::Resource(PassRef ,
PP_Resource resource 

Constructor used when a PP_Resource already has a ref count assigned.

Add additional refcount is not taken.

Member Function Documentation

void pp::Resource::Clear()[protected]

Sets this resource to null. This releases ownership of the resource.

PP_Resource pp::Resource::detach()

This function releases ownership of this resource and returns it to the caller.

Note that the reference count on the resource is unchanged and the caller needs to release the resource.

The detached PP_Resource.
bool pp::Resource::is_null()const[inline]

This functions determines if this resource is invalid or uninitialized.

true if this resource is invalid or uninitialized.
Resource& pp::Resource::operator=(const Resourceother)

This function assigns one Resource to another Resource.

[in]otherA Resource.
A Resource containing the assigned Resource.
void pp::Resource::PassRefFromConstructor(PP_Resource resource)[protected]

PassRefFromConstructor is called by derived class' constructors to initialize this Resource with a PP_Resource that has already had its reference count incremented by Core::AddRefResource.

It also assumes this object has no current resource.

The intended usage of this function that the derived class constructor will call the default Resource constructor, then make a call to create a resource. It then wants to assign the new resource (which, since it was returned by the browser, already had its reference count increased).

[in]resourceA PP_Resource corresponding to a resource.
PP_Resource pp::Resource::pp_resource()const[inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Var[friend]

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