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Public Member Functions

 TextInputController (const InstanceHandle &instance)
 ~TextInputController ()
void SetTextInputType (PP_TextInput_Type type)
void UpdateCaretPosition (const Rect &caret)
void CancelCompositionText ()
void UpdateSurroundingText (const Var &text, uint32_t caret, uint32_t anchor)

Detailed Description

This class can be used for giving hints to the browser about the text input status of plugins.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

A constructor for creating a TextInputController.

[in]instanceThe instance with which this resource will be associated.

Member Function Documentation

CancelCompositionText() informs the browser that the current composition text is cancelled by the plugin.

void pp::TextInputController::SetTextInputType(PP_TextInput_Type type)

SetTextInputType() informs the browser about the current text input mode of the plugin.

[in]typeThe type of text input type.

UpdateCaretPosition() informs the browser about the coordinates of the text input caret area.

[in]caretA rectangle indicating the caret area.
void pp::TextInputController::UpdateSurroundingText(const Vartext,
uint32_t caret,
uint32_t anchor 

UpdateSurroundingText() informs the browser about the current text selection and surrounding text.

[in]textA UTF-8 sting indicating string buffer of current input context.
[in]caretA integer indicating the byte index of caret location in text.
[in]caretA integer indicating the byte index of anchor location in text. If there is no selection, this value should be equal to caret.

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