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Public Member Functions

 TouchInputEvent ()
 TouchInputEvent (const InputEvent &event)
 TouchInputEvent (const InstanceHandle &instance, PP_InputEvent_Type type, PP_TimeTicks time_stamp, uint32_t modifiers)
void AddTouchPoint (PP_TouchListType list, PP_TouchPoint point)
uint32_t GetTouchCount (PP_TouchListType list) const
TouchPoint GetTouchByIndex (PP_TouchListType list, uint32_t index) const
TouchPoint GetTouchById (PP_TouchListType list, uint32_t id) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs an is_null() touch input event object.

Constructs a touch input event object from the given generic input event.

If the given event is itself is_null() or is not a touch input event, the touch object will be is_null().

pp::TouchInputEvent::TouchInputEvent(const InstanceHandleinstance,
PP_InputEvent_Type type,
PP_TimeTicks time_stamp,
uint32_t modifiers 

Constructs a touch input even from the given parameters.

[in]instanceThe instance for which this event occurred.
[in]typeA PP_InputEvent_Type identifying the type of input event.
[in]time_stampA PP_TimeTicks indicating the time when the event occurred.
[in]modifiersA bit field combination of the PP_InputEvent_Modifier flags.

Member Function Documentation

void pp::TouchInputEvent::AddTouchPoint(PP_TouchListType list,
PP_TouchPoint point 

Adds the touch-point to the specified TouchList.

TouchPoint pp::TouchInputEvent::GetTouchById(PP_TouchListType list,
uint32_t id 
The TouchPoint in the given list with the given identifier, or an empty TouchPoint if the list does not contain a TouchPoint with that identifier.
TouchPoint pp::TouchInputEvent::GetTouchByIndex(PP_TouchListType list,
uint32_t index 
The TouchPoint at the given index of the given list, or an empty TouchPoint if the index is out of range.
uint32_t pp::TouchInputEvent::GetTouchCount(PP_TouchListType list)const
The number of TouchPoints in this TouchList.

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