Data Fields

uint32_t axes_length
float axes [16]
uint32_t buttons_length
float buttons [32]
double timestamp
uint16_t id [128]
PP_Bool connected
int8_t unused_pad_ [4]

Detailed Description

The data for one gamepad device.

Field Documentation

Normalized values for the axes, indices valid up to |axes_length|-1.

Axis values range from -1..1, and are in order of "importance".

Number of valid elements in the |axes| array.

Normalized values for the buttons, indices valid up to |buttons_length|.

  • 1. Button values range from 0..1, and are in order of importance.

Number of valid elements in the |buttons| array.

Is there a gamepad connected at this index? If this is false, no other data in this structure is valid.

Identifier for the type of device/manufacturer.

Monotonically increasing value that is incremented when the data have been updated.

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