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Public Member Functions

 Compositor ()
 Compositor (const InstanceHandle &instance)
 Compositor (const Compositor &other)
 Compositor (const Resource &resource)
 Compositor (PassRef, PP_Resource resource)
 ~Compositor ()
CompositorLayer AddLayer ()
int32_t CommitLayers (const CompletionCallback &cc)
int32_t ResetLayers ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsCompositor (const Resource &resource)

Detailed Description

The Compositor interface is used for setting CompositorLayer layers to the Chromium compositor for compositing.

This allows a plugin to combine different sources of visual data efficiently, such as ImageData images and OpenGL textures. See also CompositorLayer for more information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default constructor for creating an is_null() Compositor object.

pp::Compositor::Compositor(const InstanceHandleinstance)[explicit]

A constructor for creating and initializing a compositor.

On failure, the object will be is_null().

The copy constructor for Compositor.

[in]otherA reference to a Compositor.
pp::Compositor::Compositor(const Resourceresource)[explicit]

Constructs a Compositor from a Resource.

[in]resourceA PPB_Compositor resource.
pp::Compositor::Compositor(PassRef ,
PP_Resource resource 

A constructor used when you have received a PP_Resource as a return value that has had 1 ref added on behalf of the caller.

[in]resourceA PPB_Compositor resource.

Member Function Documentation

Creates a new CompositorLayer and adds it to the end of the layer stack.

A CompositorLayer containing the layer is returned. It is uninitialized, SetColor(), SetTexture or SetImage should be used to initialize it. The layer will appear above other pre-existing layers. If ResetLayers is called or the PPB_Compositor is released, the returned layer will be invalidated, and any further calls on the layer will return PP_ERROR_BADRESOURCE.

A CompositorLayer containing the compositor layer resource.

Commits layers added by AddLayer() to the chromium compositor.

[in]ccA CompletionCallback to be called when layers have been represented on screen.
An int32_t containing a result code from pp_errors.h.
static bool pp::Compositor::IsCompositor(const Resourceresource)[static]

Checks whether a Resource is a compositor, to test whether it is appropriate for use with the Compositor constructor.

[in]resourceA Resource to test.
True if resource is a compositor.

Resets layers added by AddLayer()

An int32_t containing a result code from pp_errors.h.

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