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Public Member Functions

 Size ()
 Size (const PP_Size &s)
 Size (int w, int h)
 ~Size ()
 operator PP_Size ()
const PP_Size & pp_size () const
PP_Size & pp_size ()
int width () const
void set_width (int w)
int height () const
void set_height (int h)
int GetArea () const
void SetSize (int w, int h)
void Enlarge (int w, int h)
bool IsEmpty () const

Detailed Description

A size of an object based on width and height.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


The default constructor. Initializes the width and height to 0.

pp::Size::Size(const PP_Size & s)[inline]

A constructor accepting a pointer to a PP_Size and converting the PP_Size to a Size.

This is an implicit conversion constructor.

[in]sA pointer to a PP_Size.
pp::Size::Size(int w,
int h 

A constructor accepting two int values for width and height and converting them to a Size.

[in]wAn int value representing a width.
[in]hAn int value representing a height.


Member Function Documentation

void pp::Size::Enlarge(int w,
int h 

Enlarge() enlarges the size of an object.

[in]wA width to add the current width.
[in]hA height to add to the current height.
int pp::Size::GetArea()const[inline]

GetArea() determines the area (width * height).

The area.
int pp::Size::height()const[inline]

Getter function for returning the value of height.

The value of height for this Size.
bool pp::Size::IsEmpty()const[inline]

IsEmpty() determines if the size is zero.

true if the size is zero.
pp::Size::operator PP_Size()[inline]

PP_Size() allows implicit conversion of a Size to a PP_Size.

A Size.
const PP_Size& pp::Size::pp_size()const[inline]

Getter function for returning the internal PP_Size struct.

A const reference to the internal PP_Size struct.
PP_Size& pp::Size::pp_size()[inline]

Getter function for returning the internal PP_Size struct.

A mutable reference to the PP_Size struct.
void pp::Size::set_height(int h)[inline]

Setter function for setting the value of height.

[in]hA new height value.
void pp::Size::set_width(int w)[inline]

Setter function for setting the value of width.

[in]wA new width value.
void pp::Size::SetSize(int w,
int h 

SetSize() sets the value of width and height.

[in]wA new width value.
[in]hA new height value.
int pp::Size::width()const[inline]

Getter function for returning the value of width.

The value of width for this Size.

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