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Public Member Functions

 VarDictionary ()
 VarDictionary (const Var &var)
 VarDictionary (const PP_Var &var)
 VarDictionary (const VarDictionary &other)
virtual ~VarDictionary ()
VarDictionaryoperator= (const VarDictionary &other)
virtual Varoperator= (const Var &other)
Var Get (const Var &key) const
bool Set (const Var &key, const Var &value)
void Delete (const Var &key)
bool HasKey (const Var &key) const
VarArray GetKeys () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs a new dictionary var.

pp::VarDictionary::VarDictionary(const Varvar)[explicit]

Constructs a VarDictionary given a var for which is_dictionary() is true.

This will refer to the same dictionary var, but allow you to access methods specific to dictionary.

[in]varA dictionary var.
pp::VarDictionary::VarDictionary(const PP_Var & var)[explicit]

Constructs a VarDictionary given a PP_Var of type PP_VARTYPE_DICTIONARY.

[in]varA PP_Var of type PP_VARTYPE_DICTIONARY.

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void pp::VarDictionary::Delete(const Varkey)

Deletes the specified key and its associated value, if the key exists.

[in]keyA string var.
Var pp::VarDictionary::Get(const Varkey)const

Gets the value associated with the specified key.

[in]keyA string var.
The value that is associated with key. If key is not a string var, or it doesn't exist in the dictionary, an undefined var is returned.

Gets all the keys in the dictionary.

An array var which contains all the keys of the dictionary. The elements are string vars. Returns an empty array var if failed.
bool pp::VarDictionary::HasKey(const Varkey)const

Checks whether a key exists.

[in]keyA string var.
A bool indicating whether the key exists.
VarDictionary& pp::VarDictionary::operator=(const VarDictionaryother)

Assignment operator.

virtual Var& pp::VarDictionary::operator=(const Varother)[virtual]

The Var assignment operator is overridden here so that we can check for assigning a non-dictionary var to a VarDictionary.

[in]otherThe dictionary var to be assigned.
The resulting VarDictionary (as a Var&).

Reimplemented from pp::Var.

bool pp::VarDictionary::Set(const Varkey,
const Varvalue 

Sets the value associated with the specified key.

[in]keyA string var. If this key hasn't existed in the dictionary, it is added and associated with value; otherwise, the previous value is replaced with value.
[in]valueThe value to set.
A bool indicating whether the operation succeeds.

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