Deprecation of the technologies described here has been announced for platforms other than ChromeOS. Please visit our migration guide for details.

To get started with Native Client:

  1. Read the Technical Overview to understand what Native Client is, how a Native Client application is structured and to get a feel for what you need to do to port existing code.
  2. Play with some of the applications in the Application Gallery to see what others have done so far.
  3. Go through the Getting Started Tutorial. The tutorial walks you through how to get Native Client set up for the first time and check for browser version compatibility.
  4. Download the Native Client SDK and take a look at some of the examples. You can learn how to build and run the example applications on the Running the SDK Examples page.
  5. Browse through the Developer’s Guide and the Pepper API reference documentation. The Glossary defines some terms and names commonly used throughout the documentation.
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