The Privacy Sandbox

The Privacy Sandbox is a series of proposals to satisfy cross-site use cases without third-party cookies or other tracking mechanisms.

  • What's in it, how to get involved, and what it's for.
  • Implementation status for Privacy Sandbox APIs. Last updated 2021-05-18.
  • Frequently asked questions about the Privacy Sandbox proposals
  • Simple explanations of key concepts.
  • The Trust Tokens API enables trust of a user in one context to be conveyed to another context, without identifying the user or linking identities between the two contexts. The API enables an origin to issue cryptographic tokens to a user it trusts. The tokens are stored by the user's browser. The browser can then use the tokens in other contexts to evaluate the user's authenticity.
  • First-Party Sets enables related domain names owned and operated by the same entity to declare themselves as belonging to the same first party.
  • The Attribution Reporting API makes it possible to measure when user action (such as an ad click or view) leads to a conversion, without using cross-site identifiers.
  • FLoC enables interest-based advertising in a way that preserves privacy. As a user moves around the web, their browser is assigned to an "interest cohort" along with thousands of others with a similar browsing history. This is done without sharing individual browsing history with the browser vendor or anyone else.
  • FLEDGE satisfies remarketing use cases, but is designed so it cannot be used by third parties to track user browsing behaviour across sites. The API enables on-device "auctions" by the browser, to choose relevant ads provided by websites the user has previously visited.
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