Deleting Chrome Web Store developer accounts

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This page describes how to delete a CWS account — either a developer or group publisher account.

About account deletion #

Items in the Chrome Web Store are associated with developer and publisher accounts. There are a few things you need to understand before you delete an account:

  • Account deletion is permanent. There is no "undo" for this action.
  • You can't delete an account that still has published items. If you have published items, make sure to unpublish them before you try and delete the account.
  • Group publisher accounts can only be deleted by the owner or manager of the associated Google Group.

How to delete a developer account #

To delete a developer account, first make sure you've unpublished any published items. Then, go to your account page on the Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard. Scroll down to the Developer Account section:

image showing the account deletion field

Click on Delete developer account to permanently delete the developer account.

How to delete a group publisher account #

To delete a group publisher account, select it using the "Publisher" pulldown at the top of the account page, then proceed as described above. Make sure that you have unpublished any items associated with the group publisher account.

With the group publisher account selected, you'll see a Group publisher account section:

image showing the group publisher deletion field

Click on Delete group publisher account to permanently delete the group publisher account.

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