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This page describes the fields you must fill out to complete your store listing. To learn how to make your listing more compelling, be sure to read Creating a great listing page.

Screenshot of the Chrome Web Store developer dashboard item listing tab

Add the store listing information for your item that isn't in the ZIP file, such as a long description, screenshots, videos and links to related sites.

Product details

You'll need to fill out the following details about your item:

  • A detailed description of your item. Write your description to entice users to download your item. Make sure to start your description with a concise statement of what your item does, so users can understand the main idea and features at a glance. Your description can then go on to provide more detail, promotional copy, update logs, and so forth.

Be detailed but make sure your description complies with the Keyword Spam policy.

  • The primary category where your item should be listed.
  • Your item's language to help users find it.

Graphic assets

At a minimum, you should provide the following promotional images:

  • A 128x128 store icon.
  • At least one 1280x800 or 640x400 screenshot or YouTube video to show off what your item does. These are displayed in your item's Chrome Web Store listing in the following order:
    1. Any localized video that you provide.
    2. Any localized screenshots that you provide.
    3. Any global (non-localized) video.
    4. Global screenshots.
  • A 440x280 small tile icon that will be displayed on the Chrome Web Store wall.

Learning more about images and branding

See Supplying Images for help on designing the images for your item, and Branding Guidelines for information on how you can use Google brands.

The quality of the images you supply can affect your item's prominence on the Chrome Web Store. Be sure and read Creating a great listing page for more details.

Additional fields

You can include any of these optional links related to your item.

Displaying your verified publisher status

The Chrome Web Store highlights verified publishers by placing a linked, official URL in the "Offered by:" line of the store listing. This official URL appears under the listing title and is linked to the website, as shown in the following example:

Offered by: example

If you are not a verified publisher, you can't display this official URL: instead, the "Offered by:" displays your publisher name instead.

To display your verified status, choose an official URL for your item from the Official URL pull-down as shown below:

Screenshot of official URL pulldown

The pull-down for this field contains only those sites that have been verified as belonging to you. To add a verified site that you own, click on Add a new site. This opens the Google Search Console, where you can add and verify a site. See Verify your site ownership for more details.

Adding a homepage URL

To explain how your extension works in more detail, you can provide a direct link to your extension's website in the Homepage URL. This link appears under the Additional information of your item.

Homepage URL in Chrome Web Store item page

Providing a support URL

The Chrome Web Store provides a built in user support experience under your items' Support tab, but you can use a dedicated support site by including a link in the Support URL.

Enabling Mature Content

Content ratings help users know whether your extension and its content are mature in nature. See Mature Content Guidelines to determine whether your extension should be rated "Mature." You can enable Mature content under Additional fields as shown below:

Enable Mature Content in Store Listing

Extensions with mature content will not appear in Chrome Web Store search for users that are not logged in. When logged into an of-age account, search results will contain mature items.

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