Web Store API:Licenses

A Licences resource represents a licence purchased by the user for a hosted app.

Licenses representation


"kind": "chromewebstore#license",
"id": string,
"appId": string,
"userId": string,
"result": string,
"accessLevel": string,
"maxAgeSecs": long
Property nameValueDescription

Acceptable values are:
  • "FULL"
appIdstringChrome Web Store app ID. Get the app ID from the Chrome Developer Dashboard after you upload your app for the first time.
idstringThis value is a concatenation of the appId and userId seperated by a forward slash, for example: ekjjfhlnedeokeakcddlnockkdiacakf/8098347.
kindstringIdentifies this resource as a license. Value: the fixed string "chromewebstore#license".
maxAgeSecslongOnce you've got the response, cache is only valid for the max number of seconds.
Acceptable values are:
  • "NO"
  • "YES"
userIdstringOpenID URL for the user's Google Account.


Gets the licenses for Chrome hosted apps.

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