Deprecations calendar

Removal date Name Chrome version Article
2023-10-31Replace dangling markup in target name to `_blank`119
2023-10-31Remove Sanitizer API119
2023-10-31Deprecate non-standard `shadowroot` attribute for declarative shadow DOM119
2023-10-31Deprecate and Remove WebSQL119
2023-10-31Remove data: URL in SVGUseElement119
2023-10-10Remove non-standard appearance keywords118
2023-09-12CSS property -webkit-highlight117
2023-09-12[WebRTC] Unship callback-based legacy getStats()117
2023-09-12Deprecate TLS SHA-1 server signatures117
2023-08-15Remove sandbox inheritance116
2023-07-18Mutation Events115
2023-07-18Deprecate the `document.domain` setter.115
2023-05-02Remove WebGPU limit maxFragmentCombinedOutputResources113
2023-05-02Remove support for Web Push Notifications using FCM Sender IDs113
2023-05-02Secure Payment Confirmation: Rename rp --> rpId in CollectedClientAdditionalPaymentData113
2023-03-07Deprecate and remove PaymentInstruments111
2023-03-07Deprecate and remove: connect-src CSP bypass in Web Payment API111
2023-03-07Merchant identity in "canmakepayment" event111
2023-02-07Deprecate and remove WebSQL in non-secure contexts110
2023-02-07Features: Remove window.webkitStorageInfo110
2023-01-10Deprecate Event.path109
2022-11-29Deprecate and remove window.defaultStatus and window.defaultstatus108
2022-11-29Deprecate and remove ImageDecoderInit.premultiplyAlpha.108
2022-11-29Removal of navigateEvent.restoreScroll()108
2022-11-29Removal of navigateEvent.transitionWhile()108
2022-11-29[WebRTC] Deprecate and Remove mediaConstraint's googIPv6108
2022-09-27Deprecate non-ASCII characters in cookie domain attributes106
2022-09-27Deprecate Persistent Quota106
2022-09-27Remove HTTP/2 push106
2022-08-30CSS default keyword is disallowed in custom identifiers105
2022-08-30Gesture Scroll DOM events105
2022-08-02Block iframe contexts navigating to filesystem: URLs104
2022-08-02Removing Legacy Client Hint Mode104
2022-08-02U2F Security Key API removal (Cryptotoken Component Extension)104
2022-06-21Remove Battery Status API on Insecure Origins103
2022-05-24[WebRTC] Deprecate and Remove Plan B102
2022-05-24Calling without user activation102
2022-04-26Deprecate and remove WebSQL in third-party contexts101
2022-03-29The "basic-card" method of PaymentRequest API100
2022-03-01Deprecating minor WebCodecs spec violations99
2022-03-01Remove font-family -webkit-standard99
2022-02-01Remove SDES key exchange for WebRTC98
2021-10-19Deprecate support for URLs with non-IPv4 hostnames ending in numbers95
2021-10-19WebAssembly cross-origin module sharing95
2021-10-19Remove FTP support95
2021-09-21Application Cache94
2021-08-31Remove 3DES in TLS93
2021-07-20Payment handlers for standardized payment method identifiers.92
2021-05-25Remove webkitBeforeTextInserted & webkitEditableContentChanged JS events91
2021-04-13Remove Content Security Policy directive 'plugin-types'90
2021-03-02Remove prefixed events for 89
2021-03-02Comma separator in iframe allow attribute89
2021-01-19Flash Player Support88
2020-07-14TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.184
2020-07-14Blocking insecure downloads from secure (HTTPS) contexts84
2019-10-22XSS Auditor78
2017-12-05Shadow-Piercing descendant combinator, '/deep/'63
2016-11-29Block the load of cross-origin, parser-blocking scripts inserted via document.write() for users on 2G55
N/ABlock the load of cross-origin, parser-blocking scripts inserted via document.write() for users on slow connections
N/ARestrict "private network requests" for subresources from public websites to secure contexts.
N/ARemove alert(), confirm(), and prompt for cross origin iframes
N/ARemove special handling of localhost6 and localhost6.localdomain6 hosts
N/ASpecial handling of localhost.localdomain host
N/ARemove SpeechRecognitionEvent's interpretation and emma attributes
N/AText encoding detection for XHR JSON response
N/ARemove font-family -webkit-
N/ADeprecated and remove font-family: -webkit-pictograph
N/ARemove author access to :-internal-autofill-previewed and :-internal-autofill-selected
N/AHuman-readable names for Bluetooth assigned numbers
N/ARemove support for loading media via filesystem:// URLs on Android
N/ADeprecate 's ability to specify URLs to
N/ADeprecate element's functionality
N/ARemoval of X-Requested-With in WebView
N/ARemove -webkit-perspective-origin-[x,y]
N/Atest 1
N/ATest 1
N/ARemove ImageEncodeOptions colorSpace and pixelFormat
N/ACalling getDisplayMedia() without user activation
N/ARemove Prefetch 5-minute Rule
N/ADeprecate and remove client hint User-Agent full version
N/ABlock-all-mixed-content CSP directive
N/ADeprecate and remove "window-placement" alias for permission and permission policy "window-management"
N/A[WebRTC] Unship deprecated "track" and "stream" stats from getStats()
N/AJSON comments in importmap and webbundle scripts
N/ADeprecate unload event
N/ARequire embedded frames to opt-in.
N/ARemove non-standard appearance keyword "slider-vertical"
N/ADeprecate Third-Party Cookies
N/ARemove same-origin blanket enforcement in CSPEE
N/ADeprecate old CSS custom state syntax

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