User Interface Overrides

User interface overrides are a way for extensions to override selected Chrome user interface properties.

Bookmarks User Interface

Register the user interface properties you want to override in the extension manifest like this:

  "name": "My extension",

  "chrome_ui_overrides" : {
    "bookmarks_ui": {
      "remove_button": "true",
      "remove_bookmark_shortcut": "true"

  • Bookmark button: the "star" button that is used to bookmark pages. Extensions may remove this button using the settings overrides, and optionally replace it with a browser action or page action.
  • Bookmark shortcut: the shortcut key that is used to bookmark a page (Ctrl-D on Windows). Extensions may remove this shortcut via the settings overrides, and optionally bind their own command to it using the commands section of the manifest. If the shortcut key is removed or rebound, the corresponding menu item as also removed or overridden respectively.

Note: Settings overrides for bookmarks_ui are only enabled in the Chrome Dev release, and Chrome must be started with the --enable-override-bookmarks-ui=1 command line flag to enable bookmarks user interface overrides.


An extension can override one or more of the following properties in the manifest:

  • bookmarks_ui (object) - optional

    Settings to permit bookmarks user interface customization by extensions.

    Type Attribute Description
    boolean (optional) remove_button

    If true, the built-in bookmark button will be removed from the user interface.

    boolean (optional) remove_bookmark_shortcut

    If true, the built-in "Bookmark this page..." shortcut key is removed and the extension is permitted to override the shortcut by binding it in the commands section of the manifest.