Case Study: Feedly Uses x-callback

Feedly, a reader loved by more than 13 million users, has become a hub for users to organize their favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts, and YouTube channels for quick and efficient updates on the go, across any device.

Feedly prioritizes speed and intuitive usability to provide users with easy, direct access to their favorite content. Some of Feedly’s mobile publishers use partial RSS feeds. Users who click on these feeds navigate out of Feedly app to read the remainder of the content in the browser. As a result, the Feedly team prioritized helping users navigate between the Feedly app and the browser.

The integration of the Chrome callback feature into the Feedly iPhone and iPad app “was a no brainer and surprisingly simple to implement,” said the Feedly team.

The Feedly team notes that “90% of the time, once a user has finished reading an article, they want to resume skimming their feedly, looking for the next article to read.” Chrome callback enables a seamless transition between Feedly and Chrome, helping users access the content they want faster.

Knowing their users have a faster, more integrated web experience has allowed Feedly to continue focusing on helping people keep in touch with their favorite sites.