Case Study: Pocket Uses x-callback

Pocket provides a cross-device experience where users can save articles and almost any other type of web content to view later, on or offline. The Pocket team strives to make taking any type of content with you “as simple an action as putting it in your pocket.”

Pocket excels at presenting that content in a clean, clutter-free viewing experience across platforms. Still, there are times when users want access to a full browsing experience. In addition, Pocket notes, "Chrome users spend nearly 30% more time in the app than users of the next leading browser."

Chrome callback enables Pocket to pass users seamlessly between Chrome browser and the Pocket app while maintaining Pocket’s simple design. Now, users, which save over 43 million items a month, have a quick and intuitive way to return to the Pocket app while viewing their saved content on the web.

With a growing base of engaged, tech-savvy users, Pocket looks to continue enhancing the way its more than 9.5 million users discover and consume content.