PPB_URLResponseInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

PP_Bool(* IsURLResponseInfo )(PP_Resource resource)
struct PP_Var(* GetProperty )(PP_Resource response, PP_URLResponseProperty property)
PP_Resource(* GetBodyAsFileRef )(PP_Resource response)

Detailed Description

The PPB_URLResponseInfo interface contains APIs for examining URL responses.

Refer to PPB_URLLoader for further information.

Field Documentation

GetBodyAsFileRef() returns a FileRef pointing to the file containing the response body.

This is only valid if PP_URLREQUESTPROPERTY_STREAMTOFILE was set on the URLRequestInfo used to produce this response. This file remains valid until the URLLoader associated with this URLResponseInfo is closed or destroyed.

[in]requestA PP_Resource corresponding to a URLResponseInfo.
A PP_Resource corresponding to a FileRef if successful, 0 if PP_URLREQUESTPROPERTY_STREAMTOFILE was not requested or if the URLLoader has not been opened yet.

GetProperty() gets a response property.

[in]requestA PP_Resource corresponding to a URLResponseInfo.
[in]propertyA PP_URLResponseProperty identifying the type of property in the response.
A PP_Var containing the response property value if successful, PP_VARTYPE_VOID if an input parameter is invalid.

IsURLResponseInfo() determines if a response is a URLResponseInfo.

[in]resourceA PP_Resource corresponding to a URLResponseInfo.
PP_TRUE if the resource is a URLResponseInfo, PP_FALSE if the resource is invalid or some type other than URLResponseInfo.

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