Member List

This is the complete list of members for pp::Size, including all inherited members.
Enlarge(int w, int h)pp::Size [inline]
GetArea() const pp::Size [inline]
height() const pp::Size [inline]
IsEmpty() const pp::Size [inline]
operator PP_Size()pp::Size [inline]
pp_size() const pp::Size [inline]
pp_size()pp::Size [inline]
set_height(int h)pp::Size [inline]
set_width(int w)pp::Size [inline]
SetSize(int w, int h)pp::Size [inline]
Size()pp::Size [inline]
Size(const PP_Size &s)pp::Size [inline]
Size(int w, int h)pp::Size [inline]
width() const pp::Size [inline]
~Size()pp::Size [inline]