Extension actions in Manifest V3


Simeon Vincent


In 2021, we will largely complete the process of designing, building and shipping RenderingNG, a next-generation rendering architecture for Chromium.


Chris Harrelson

Introducing chrome.scripting


Simeon Vincent

Various party flags.

How to set browser flags in Chromium


Thomas Steiner

A woodworking hand plane.

Extension manifest converter

SolomonKinard SimeonVincent

Solomon Kinard, Simeon Vincent

New install surface for progressive web apps

Richer PWA installation UI


Mustafa Kurtuldu

A stopwatch

Aligning timers with cross origin isolation restrictions

YoavWeiss EijiKitamura

Yoav Weiss, Eiji Kitamura

New in Chrome hero logo

New in Chrome 90


Pete LePage

A private sign in German

Private Network Access (CORS-RFC1918) updates

EijiKitamura TitouanRigoudy

Eiji Kitamura, Titouan Rigoudy

Deprecations and removals in Chrome 90

A round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome 90 to help you plan.

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