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Insights and news from the Extensions ecosystem.
Patrick from the Chrome Extensions team explains the concept of Remotely Hosted Code (RHC) in Chrome Extensions. Learn why RHC is no longer allowed, how to detect it, and what to do if your extension needs to be updated.
Ever wondered what happens when you submit your extension to the Chrome Web Store? We sat down with the Trust & Safety team that leads review in the Chrome Web Store to ask your questions.
Get the latest update on Chrome Extensions and the Chrome Web Store from Google I/O 2024.

Extensions in action

Load these sample extensions on your local computer.
This sample demonstrates the use of the Action API which changes the icon, icon badge, hover text or popup page depending on the user's choice or action.
A user script can be created by users or downloaded from a script repository. This sample allows you to inject files and arbitrary code added in an options page.
This sample demonstrates how you can inject JavaScript into web pages using the Scripting API.
This sample demonstrates how to create a side panel that opens when the user clicks a button on a page or opens a context menu.


Everything you need to know about Chrome Extensions.
Build your first extension.
Learn how Chrome Extensions work and what they can do.
Learn to solve specific use cases in Chrome Extensions.
Reference documentation for Extensions APIs, manifest keys, and permissions.

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