A collaboration between Chrome engineers and open-source web frameworks to improve user experience across the web, with a special emphasis on performance.
Open-source tools and frameworks play a large role in enabling developers to build modern apps for the web, while also supporting good developer experiences.
In 2024, the Aurora team is focusing on improving Core Web Vitals for applications using web frameworks. We are currently partnering with Next.js, Angular, and Nuxt to ship performance features.

From the Blog

Learn about recent developments in the JavaScript frameworks ecosystem.
Read about the new Next.js wrapper components for popular third-parties like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Analytics.
Learn how to safely use the DOM together with SSR in Angular
Learn about the new features included in the Angular NgOptimizedImage directive that further improve image performance in Angular apps.
Understand how to adjust the size of your font fallbacks to prevent Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), using tools in Next.js, Nuxt, Vite, and Capsize.
Dive deep into the methodology behind generating font fallbacks and the size-adjust, ascent-override, descent-override, and line-gap-override APIs.
Take a peek inside how the polyfill works, the challenges it overcomes, and the best practices when using it to provide a great user experience.
Learn how the Angular image directive can improve Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), now available from version 14.

Recent tech talks

Watch these videos to learn about the latest Aurora projects, features, and best practices.
Frontend Nation 2024: Learn more about the Script component and third-party integrations.
Google I/O 2024: Learn about recent developments in the JavaScript Framework ecosystem.
Next Conf 2023: Learn about the new next/third-parties package we've released with Next 14.
perf.now() 2023 pre-event: Learn more about the framework tools we've built in Next.js and Angular to improve the performance of images.
Watch the useReactNYC 2023 Fireside Chat with Houssein Djirdeh from the Chrome Aurora team.
Infobip Shift 2022: Learn how the Chrome Aurora team is working to advance the web framework ecosystem by collaborating with Next.js, Nuxt, and Angular.