Resources from across Chrome's documentation to improve your site and app accessibility.
Determine if all users access content and navigate your site effectively.
A comprehensive reference of accessibility features in Chrome DevTools.

DevTools accessibility

A comprehensive reference of accessibility features in Chrome DevTools.
The canonical documentation for Chrome DevTools keyboard shortcuts.
Test the keyboard navigation accessibility of a page.
This guide is written for developers using assistive technology to best use DevTools.

Digital accessibility, commonly abbreviated a11y, is about designing and building websites and web apps that disabled people can interact with in a meaningful and equivalent way.

This course is created for beginner and advanced web developers. You can go through the series from start to finish to get a general understanding of accessibility practices and testing, or you can use it as a reference for specific subjects.

Watch to Learn

Watch these videos to learn about accessibility best practices.
Explore Angular v14's latest features to add dynamic page titles, check theming color contrast, and explore the CDK's a11y package for more advanced accessibility controls.
Learn about why developers should care about variable fonts and best practices to implement them.
Learn how new features in Chrome DevTools can help you understand how accessibility works (or doesn't work!) in a web application. Find out how to track down what's causing an issue and fix it.
Discover the basics of accessibility and how to test for it. Explore the larger scope of product inclusion and ways to better meet the needs of historically under-represented voices.
The Chrome browser and operating system offer accessibility features like magnification, keyboard navigation, screen reading, and more. Learn how to customize your settings to make the experience more accessible and usable for you.
We're highlighting new and existing accessibility features that you and your end users can use while they work on the web and on Chromebooks.