Advanced Web Apps Fund - Update Oct 2022

The Chrome team has been working hard to build new capabilities, though we're responsible for only a small fraction of the work. Web app developers depend on countless others in the community to build a strong ecosystem of APIs, tools, demonstration apps, and other materials. That's why earlier this year, we announced the Advanced Web Apps Fund.

We've sponsored 11 projects, distributing more than $100k through the Open Collective, to recognize the importance of these projects and enable their creators to spend time on them. These projects include:

  • Espruino Web IDE: makes coding Espruino boards as easy as opening a web browser.
  • iPlug2: a free open source framework for making audio plugins with minimal code.
  • PocketBase: open source realtime backend with embedded database, real time subscriptions, authentication, file storage and more.
  • PolygonJS: create amazing and interactive 3D scenes for the web.
  • PouchDB: created to help web developers build applications that work as well offline as they do online.
  • PWA Asset Generator: quickly and easily generate assets for PWAs according to Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface guidelines.
  • PWA Fire: a resource for PWA developers with documentation, tools, and VS Code extensions to help simplify PWA development.
  • SWSR: investigating rendering in service workers.
  • URLPattern Polyfill: a polyfill for the URLPattern API so that the feature is available in browsers that don't support it natively.
  • vite-plugin-pwa: a zero-config and framework-agnostic PWA Plugin for Vite.
  • Wonder: all-in-one ecosystem for bringing Unreal Engine apps to HTML5, at near-native performance and lightning fast load times.

We're not done, and applications for new projects are still open. If you're interested in submitting ideas for our next round, check out the Advanced Web Apps Fund announcement. Then, submit your ideas via our submission form.

As a reminder, we recently also expanded Chrome's sponsorship efforts to include a new CSS & UI Fund and the Web Frameworks and Tools Performance Fund. If you are interested in submitting sponsorship requests to these efforts, they are still open to reviewing entries.

Thank you to the projects and developers receiving sponsorship for the great work you've done to move the web forward and help the ecosystem build a more capable web!

Image credit #WOCinTech.