The Chromium Chronicle #19: Faster Development with CLion

Episode 19: by Tom Hughes in Mountain View, CA (March, 2021)
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When dealing with large codebases, it's useful to have the code indexed, so you can navigate across symbols. For Googlers, CodeSearch works for Google3 and Chromium, but doesn't yet support ChromeOS, and isn't available to non-Googlers. Don't despair, you can use the CLion IDE to get this functionality, in addition to many more useful features.

Find Usages of methods. Navigate directly to definitions from the source.

Find usage of GetFpMode in Project and Libraries

Use Global Search to search across all files and symbols in ChromeOS by tapping the Shift key twice.

Global search for 'biod metrics'

Refactor code, rename symbols, change signatures, pull class members up and down, extract values, and more.

Refactor dialog