DevTools Tips: Discover CSS issues

Sofia Emelianova
Sofia Emelianova

Have you ever applied CSS to an element but it just doesn't work?

With Chrome DevTools, you can discover CSS issues at a glance, debug, and test them.

Watch the video to learn how the Elements > Styles pane highlights various CSS issues:

  • Warning. Property with invalid syntax

  • Checkbox. Overridden property

  • Checkbox. Inactive property Information.With a hint.

  • Inherited from parent

    • Checkbox. Inherited property
    • Checkbox. Non-inherited property
  • Checkbox. Expandable shorthand property Expand.

    • Checkbox. Overridden longhand property
    • Checkbox. Active longhand property

user agent stylesheet

  • Non-editable property
  • Overridden non-editable property

More debugging tips:

  • Use the filter in the Styles pane to focus on the one property that interests you.
  • Use the Computed pane to see all the Cascade winners and their computed values.
  • In the Computed pane, expand a property and click a link to find its source in the Styles pane.

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