Extension Manifest Converter

Easily convert an entire directory, extension zip file, or manifest.json file.

Hi everyone. My name is Solomon and I'm a software engineer on Chrome's extensions team.

As we continue to build out the latest version of Chrome's extensions platform, I found myself needing to convert Manifest V2 extensions to Manifest V3 for testing purposes. To make this process a little easier I created a tool called Extension Manifest Converter (EMC).

EMC is a Python 3 command line tool that automates several parts of converting an extension between manifest formats. Users can quickly convert an extension directory, zip file, or manifest.json file with a single command.

python3 emc.py <extension_path>

This tool focuses on automating the mechanical parts of converting an extension. For example, it will replace chrome.browserAction with chrome.action in JavaScript, but it cannot handle abstract tasks like updating background logic to fully adopt service workers. See the project's README for more details.

We've found this tool useful on our team and wanted to open source it in the hope that you might too. Keep in mind, though, that as a personal side project we cannot offer support or maintain it indefinitely.

If you encounter any issues with the project, please open an issue on the project's repo.