Get ready for Google I/O

Build your own agenda to prepare for Google I/O.

Harleen Batra
Harleen Batra

I/O is just a few days away and we couldn't be more excited to share the latest updates across Google's developer products, solutions, and technologies. From keynotes to technical sessions and hands-on workshops, these announcements aim to help you build smarter and ship faster.

Here are some helpful tips to maximize your experience online.

Start building your personal I/O agenda

Starting now, you can save the Google and developer keynotes to your calendar and explore the program to preview content. Here are just a few noteworthy examples of what you'll find this year:

What's new in web

Explore new features and APIs that became stable across browsers on the web platform this year.

Partnering for a stable web

The Chrome team is working with Mozilla, Apple, and other partners to tackle top developer interoperability pain points as part of Interop 2023. Learn about our developer resources, our work on MDN through Open Web Docs and other contributions, and how we bring clarity of feature status to all of the content we produce.

What's new in Web UI

The web platform is evolving quickly, with UI features to improve developer experiences, create new responsive capabilities, and enable more accessible interface defaults. Get a high level overview of what you can get excited about in the UI space and look out for on the web platform for CSS and HTML.

Debugging modern web applications

Developers use frameworks, multiple languages, and libraries to build their web applications. Browsers only see the output JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Learn how Chrome DevTools is helping to debug web applications reliably, connecting both worlds, and meeting developers where they are.

Build your agenda

For the best experience, create or connect a developer profile and start saving content to My I/O to build your personal agenda. With over 200 sessions and other learning material, there's a lot to cover, we hope this will help you get organized.

This year we've introduced development focus filters to help you navigate content faster across mobile, web, AI, and cloud technologies. You can also peruse content by topic, type, or experience level to find what you're interested in, faster.

Connect with the community

After the keynotes, you can talk to Google experts and other developers online in I/O Adventure chat. Here you can ask questions about new releases and learn best practices from the global developer community.

If you're craving community now, visit the community page to meet people with similar interests in your area or find a watch party to attend.

We hope these updates are useful, and we can't wait to connect online in May!