A new home for DevTools

Paul Bakaus
Paul Bakaus

You might already have experienced Google's new one-stop destination for everything web-related from browsing Web Fundamentals, the Showcase or Shows. Today, we are welcoming DevTools to the party and are concentrating all of our web-related tools in one place.

DevTools new home

The new tools homepage

The DevTools homepage – along with all documentation – moved from https://developers.chrome.com to https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools. But don't let the new shiny fool you: We have plenty of content additions and more substantial changes for you.

Action-oriented tutorials

The docs that show you how to use DevTools are now goal- or action-oriented, similar to how Web Fundamentals structures its pages. So instead of "Learn everything about the network panel", you'll get "Get Started with Analyzing Network Performance".

Going forward, our tutorials and guides will tell an overarching tooling story independent of any specific tool. What matters is that you're productive and efficient, and sometimes the combination of multiple tools gets you there. Tutorials from the old Tools section in Web Fundamentals have already been moved and we'll work on adding more non-DevTools related content in the future.

Head over to the Setup section to get started.

Updates, news, and useful tips


Inspired by the fantastic devtoolstips.com and Umar's DevTips, and with the help and support of Umar, we've launched a new updates section that features the latest DevTools news, tips, and useful advice – as well as news from all of our other tooling projects.

All you can tool

The new tools homepage.

/web/tools is now our main destination for everything web tooling related at Google. Come by for an overview of all projects, action oriented documentation and the latest tooling news. Polymer and Material Design Lite are linking to their own respective pages for now, but we'll include them in the tips and updates.

Let us know what you think and come by often!