Maximize ad relevance

Joey Trotz
Joey Trotz

Today, we published Maximize ad relevance without third-party cookies. If you are a product leader, CTO, CMO, or CEO, you'll gain insights into how you can use the Privacy Sandbox APIs and other new optimizations to deliver personalized advertising, while still providing a privacy-preserving experience.

We know it's critical that the ad industry can continue to successfully reach customers after third-party cookie deprecation, while also providing strong privacy for Chrome browser users. The Privacy Sandbox APIs can be part of the solution, alongside automated targeting techniques powered by machine learning models.

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We want your feedback to ensure we're meeting your needs. Visit the Privacy Sandbox feedback page to review existing public channels; where you can follow or contribute to discussion, or use our feedback form to reach the Chrome team directly.

As we continue to publish these updates about the Privacy Sandbox, we want to make sure that you as a developer are getting the information and support that you need. Let us know on @ChromiumDev Twitter if there's anything that we could do better. We'll use your input to continue improving our content.