Join Privacy Sandbox Office Hours #12: Learn about Chrome-facilitated testing

To facilitate testing, Chrome has restricted third-party cookies by default for 1% of users. Subject to addressing any remaining competition concerns of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Chrome will ramp up third-party cookie restrictions to 100% of users from Q3 2024.

During this testing period, it is important for sites and services to start preparing for third-party cookie restrictions, including moving to more private alternatives.

To help you prepare, this February we are hosting the 12th edition of Privacy Sandbox office hours, where we will provide some Privacy Sandbox tester updates and answer your questions with product and technical leads. This set of webinars will focus on the testing and preparing for the current 1% restriction of third-party cookies in Chrome along with use of Mode A and B available as part of Chrome-facilitated testing.

How to participate

Office hours will be available in several time zones and languages. To register for the office hours, follow the registration links and complete the quick survey. You'll receive an invitation to your calendar with the Google Meet link. On the date and time of the event, access the Google Meet link to join virtually.

Session A: AMER-friendly time, in English

Session B: APAC-friendly time, in Japanese

Session C: EMEA-friendly time, in English

Prepare for office hours

To best prepare for the developer office hours, read about Chrome facilitated testing and the start of third-party cookie restrictions for 1% of Chrome users.

We look forward to your attendance and we encourage you to jump in and ask questions.