The larger-than advanced Network Panel filter, and a few others

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The larger-than advanced Network Panel filter, and a few others.

Use the Advanced Network Panel Filtering feature to narrow down resources to exactly what you want to find. For example:

  • larger-than:100 will find and filter for resources larger than 100 bytes
  • You can negate a query by prepending a '-' to it. E.g. -larger-than:50k to find resources which are not larger than 50k.
  • status-code:200 to find resources with a status code response of 200.

A few other queries which you can experiment with:

  • domain
  • mime-type
  • scheme
  • set-cookie-domain
  • set-cookie-value
  • has-response-header

Note: you get autocomplete for these, it makes it easier to discover query types and their corresponding values. The values which autocomplete will exist in your current network recording.

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