Discover Chromium, the open source browser project behind Google Chrome and other web browsers, that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web.
Why and how we implemented color vision deficiency simulation in DevTools and the Blink Renderer.
Chrome's Headless mode just got a whole lot better. This article presents an overview of recent engineering efforts to make Headless more useful for developers by bringing Headless closer to Chrome's regular "headful" mode.


Read about the process of designing, building and shipping RenderingNG, a next-generation rendering architecture for Chromium.
Understand components of the RenderingNG architecture, and how the rendering pipeline flows through them.
Understand key data structures for RenderingNG.
Find out about BlinkNG and the various sub-projects that addressed long-standing problems in the organization and structure of Blink code.
Learn about modern playback systems and how Chromium powers several hundred million hours of watch time every day.
How the large architecture change of LayoutNG reduces and mitigates various types of bugs and performance issues.
Block fragmentation in LayoutNG is now complete. Learn how it works and why it is important.