Chromium Issue Tracker migration beginning Feb 2, 2024 at 5pm PST

As we shared last year, Chromium is moving to a different issue tracker to provide a well-supported user experience for the long term. Migration is beginning today (February 2, 2024) at 5pm PST. We expect migration will be completed by the end of day (PST) February 4, 2024.

What's happening

We will migrate all Chromium issues, including issue history and stars, from Monorail to a different tool: Chromium Issue Tracker, powered by the Google Issue Tracker. This tooling change will provide a feature-rich and well-supported issue tracker for Chromium's ecosystem. Chromium will join other open source projects (Git, Gerrit) on this tooling. Existing transparency levels to bugs will be maintained. You can also visit this page for updates on the migration.


We will publish another post once the migration is complete. Once the migration completes, existing Monorail issue links will redirect to the migrated issues in the new issue tracker. We will prioritize feedback to continue to improve the issue tracker experience. Documentation on new and common workflows will be added to once the migration is complete.

Help and Feedback

You can reach out at any time to with questions or concerns.