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The future of Picture-in-Picture

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Before the Document Picture-in-Picture API, it was only possible to put an HTML <video> element into a Picture-in-Picture window. This new API makes it possible to open an always-on-top window that can be populated with arbitrary HTML content. It is available as an origin trial starting in Chrome 111 on desktop.

A Picture-in-Picture window playing Sintel trailer video.
A Picture-in-Picture window created with the Document Picture-in-Picture API (demo).

The new API provides much more than is available from the existing Picture-in-Picture API for <video>. For example, you can provide custom controls and inputs (for example, captions, playlists, time scrubber, liking and disliking videos) to improve the user's Picture-in-Picture video player experience.

With a full Document in Picture-in-Picture, video conferencing web apps can combine multiple video streams into a single Picture-in-Picture window without having to rely on canvas hacks. They can also provide custom controls such as sending a message, muting another user, or raising a hand.

The following code snippet shows you how to toggle Picture-in-Picture for a custom video player.

async function togglePictureInPicture() {
// Close Picture-in-Picture window if any.
if (documentPictureInPicture.window) {

// Open a Picture-in-Picture window.
const pipWindow = await documentPictureInPicture.requestWindow({
initialAspectRatio: 640 / 360,
copyStyleSheets: true,

// Move video to the Picture-in-Picture window.
const video = document.querySelector("#video");

// Listen for the PiP closing event to move the video back.
pipWindow.addEventListener("unload", (event) => {
const videoContainer = document.querySelector("#videoContainer");
const pipVideo ="#video");

Check out Picture-in-Picture for any Element, not just <video> for more information.

Developer feedback is really important at this stage, so please file issues on GitHub with suggestions and questions.

Hero image by Jakob Owens.

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