We've brought the latest machine learning and AI technologies into Chrome to make searching the web easier, safer and more accessible. Developers can take advantage of this technology to build better experiences on the web.

Gemini Nano in Chrome

Discover our plan to implement Gemini Nano, the most efficient model of the Gemini ecosystem, on device with Chrome.
On-device AI brings powerful models to users, while protecting data privacy and improving latency.
Get an early preview of experimental Web APIs for on-device AI with Gemini Nano, our most efficient, on-device LLM.

Build with AI

Use server-side generative AI to evaluate reviews. Inference occurs on a server.
Explore on-device AI solutions to help users write insightful reviews.
Discover the experimental Translate API to empower global customer support.
Help your applications launch faster by caching the the model on-device.

Developer productivity

Use the Console to view and debug the results of on-device AI.
The better your prompt, the more likely you'll get the results you need.
We're bringing the power of Gemini Nano into Chrome, so developers can bring generative AI to their web applications, without servers.
Built-in AI is the latest offering for bringing powerful models to users, while protecting sensitive data and improving latency. Look at real-world use cases and determine when on-device AI is right for you.
Learn how WebAssembly and WebGPU enhancements improve machine learning performance on the web.
Google's web AI libraries and models just reached 1 billion downloads. Learn what's new with the state of web AI at Google and discover generative AI models you can run client-side.


Support your AI efforts with WebGPU, a web graphics API that offers access to more advanced GPU features.
Disover the latest updates to WebGPU in Chrome.
Discover WebGPU in Chrome and get first-class support for general computations on the GPU.
Learn how to access the GPU with WebGPU.
Learn how to test client-side, browser-based AI models in true browser environments.
Learn why WebGPU may be inoperable or not working as expected in Chrome, and how to fix it..
Find the API reference on MDN.


Enable high-performance applications on web pages with Chrome
Learn what assembly language is and why it can be useful on the web.
With DevTools, use native source mapping to debug WebAssembly modules, without resorting to the disassembled format or any custom scripts.
Attempt to reclaim memory that was allocated by the program, but no longer referenced. Discover how garbage-collected programming languages can be compiled to WebAssembly.

Build with AI

Understand the basics and definitions of the various emerging technologies, often referred to as AI.
As web practitioners, it's critical that we build new technology thoughtfully and responsibly.
Discover techniques to get contextual results from generative AI, at-scale.